Caution: Don’t Try To Fight Games Addiction – Bid For Free Auction Items

If you have an allergic reaction to winning free money and you can’t handle addictive games you won’t want to visit this exciting and addicting games site I just discovered. They have a free random prize draw on the site that draws new cash and prize winners every 120 minutes. The way the sweepstakes is set up is very unique, it will draw you as a cash or prize winner once every 2 days once you have signed up for membership. In my humble opinion you can forget Pogo, Gamesville and all the others. Trader Auction Games (TAG City) ensures that winning cash and prizes is made easy for their members. It is an addicting website though so be prepared to leave the garden growing wild and the ironing piling up.

Take The 2 Day TAG City Test

This is the TAG City challenge to new members: “If you are not selected as a CASH or PRIZE winner within 48 hours of signing up for membership, the owner of the site will whip himself with a length of wet celery”. Yes, it is also a very fun site to be on.

In addition to the above, TAG City has a chat window below each game on the site where players are able to chat with each other whilst playing. At random times a FREE Trivia game will commence in the chat window and if you are the very first person to correctly answer the question, you can win a cash prize of $10, $15, $20 or $25.

The really cool thing about the TAG City site is the variety of fun games available to play. Playing the free adult games is only the first step though. You win points on their free games and you can then use those points to bid for real items in their members free auction. Auction items include cash to the value of $200, books, CD’s, DVD’s, clothing, jewellery, personal care items and more.

Trader Auction Games is a spin off of the very popular gambling portal GoneGambling. GoneGambling has for many years provided its members with free casino money to play at its sponsoring casinos. If you have previously played at GoneGambling (GG) and liked it, then you will adore Trader Auction Games.