How to develop your sit and go poker strategy

Sit and Go (SNG) tournaments are usually one table games held as satellite games to feed players into larger tournaments, or as stand-alone tournaments themselves. Either way they are extremely popular because they are fast, fun and easy to join. But since the game is so fast-paced, usually running only about an hour or so, a lot of hands get played in a short time. That’s why every poker player needs a solid sit and go tournament poker strategy.

The dynamics of the game changes as the table goes from full to shorthanded. Your sit and go poker strategy should be divided into three sections:

1. Early game strategy

2. Mid game strategy

3. End game strategy

Playing the early game strategy

Low blinds mean you are likely to get caught bluffing, so your sit and go poker strategy should be to bet only if you have something that might win. Fold early and often, when you have weak hands, unless a check will buy you a free look at the flop. Play tight if you are in the early position. Loosen up slightly if you are playing late. Your goal in this segment is to build your pot up as much as possible while knocking out weaker players.

Playing the middle game strategy

Work on stealing the blinds. You can pay to see a few flops, but take your cues from your opponents. Someone who check/raised is probably holding on to something good. And any opponents who called and then raised bears close watching as well.

Playing the end game strategy

At this point in the game you are in one of these positions:

1. Short stacked

Play aggressively. Consider bullying out weaker players. This is no time for slow playing. You could get forced out by the blinds, so don’t waste any time bumping out any weaker players.

2. Medium stacked

Focus on building your stack. Stay away from big conflicts. Bully blinds away from other players whenever you can. Get aggressive. Low pairs and even Ace high can take a hand at this point in the game.

3. Tall stacked

Don’t let up on the aggression. Use your chip size to intimidate other players. Raise every bet if you have a reasonable hand. The blinds are big now so bluffing is in as part of your sit and go poker strategy.

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