Poker Pays for My Luxuries

A vast amount of people try to steer well clear away from any type of gambling because they hear bad things about the game, but I do think that it is misinterpretated and gambling can be good.

I actually started playing when I just turned 20 and in the beginning I did lose a bit of money, because I was young I thought I was unstoppable. But I decided to do something about it so I read books both online and offline, I was getting better and better as weeks went by.

My speciality was poker, I was basically the king of bluff and no one could defeat me, I regularly went to my casino and was earning a bit of extra pocket cash. It was not until I got my first internet connection that I got obsessed with something called online poker, but it was a lot different online and a whole new ball game, things were a lot harder because you could not see who you were playing against and the whole purpose of poker is being able to tell when someone is bluffing. I did begin to lose a small amount of money again but then I started to get really good.

The online audience is much bigger so that meant the jackpots were bigger, and I started to win quite a few so it was all adding up. Within the matter of a few years I managed to compile enough money to live nicely, so everyone that moans about gambling should at least try to play it.

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