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BackgroundProbably one of the most misunderstood topics when dealing with virtual machines is how networking virtual machines works. I admit I was confused until I had to configure customs networks in vmware mainly because I had always bridged my virtual interface for the real network. In reality virtual networking is rather easy for those who recognize bridging and network deal with translation. So this post will talk about configuring the 3 kinds of networking for virtual machine the kinds of networking applies not merely to VMware but other virtual machine application like qemu which can be excellent. Im assuming you currently possess a functioning vmware two.0 server set up.When I say vmware host Im referring to server hosting the virtual machines where the virtual machines operating on the host are the vmware guests.
PrerequisitesVMware server two.0 – any createLinux – you can use any distro most likely Fedora Centos or RedHat Linux Enterprise will function the best considering it seems WMware is sort of Redhat centric. VMware does deliver a non-rpm based mostly installer so it shouldnt be as well really hard to obtain it operate on other distros. Virtual casino I would try and stick having a latest release.
Running vmware-config.plFrom your linux host operating VMware server two.0
You may see a series of prompts accept the defaults for all right up until you arrive to Would you prefer to skip networking setup and keep your old settings as they may beyesno yes
Kind no here and press enter.
For Do you desire networking to your virtual machines yesnohelp yes sort yes
For Would you favor to modify your existing networking configuration employing the wizard or the editor wizardeditorhelp wizard style wizard
Youll now be prompted to configure bridge networks.

Configuring VMware to speak to a real network BridgingThis can be very helpful. You are able to bridge your virtual interface with your vmware guest to any physical adapter in your vmware host. The virtual adapter then is often configured to have an ip address around the actual networksetting it manually or via dhcp just as if it was a physical gadget around the network.
Just tell vmware which you desire to create a bridged network vmware will automatically associate it having a vmnet. Its essential to inform vmware what the network will be named and which host network interface you need to associate together with the virtual network. Inside the example under Im created a virtual network named Bridged1 that can be bridged to eth0 on the host. I can assign my guest virtual machines virtual interface with this Bridged1 network and the virtual interface will then be bridged to eth0 just as if it have been around the true network.

Configuring VMware NATIve not found this sort of virtual networking as beneficial. Basically this allows the virtual interfaces ip around the vmware guest to be natted as the primary ip on major interface on the host. This can be useful for those who do need to burn up ip addresses on your genuine network but nevertheless want your virtual machines to be in a position to speak to your real network and any network your genuine network has access to.

You can either set your ip in your virtual interface manually or set it to dhcp and it can acquire a ip within the sunbet assigned for your vmnet assoicated with the NAT network. You could view these settings in etvvmwarevmnetXdhcpd and etcvmwarevmnetXnat in which vmnetX is the index assigned for your nat network.
Configuring VMware Host-onlyCustom networks internalTo begin with off this is incredibly beneficial you are able to in essence make mock ups of real networks all on a single vmware host or in conjunction with genuine network gear non virtual machines using bridging or even bridge an additional vmware server that has quite a few host-onlycustom networks.VMware Host-onlyCustom networking is often a virtual network virutal in that the network resides inside the vmware host itself each virtual machine can have a virtual interface that is bound to a custom network.
Example Configurations with host-onlyCustoms networksFor example you might have this setup.
Diagram 2
Or this a combination of host-only and bridging bridging a physical real-world network to two virtual machines operating on separate vmware hosts. In this case virtualmachine4 on host 1 could speak to virtualmachine2 on host 2.
Diagram three
Adding Host-onlyCustoms networks with vmware-config.plJust after youve been aked no matter if or not you want to add a NAT network youll be asked about host-only networks.
You might asked Do you would like to be capable of use host-only networking within your virtual machines yes form yes
Should you already possess a host-onlycustom network defined vmware-config will inquire if youd like to setup an additional answer yes.
Give the network a name here I referred to as mine vmnet2 almost certainly must be named hostonly2 or some thing extra acceptable. I only have one particular bridged interface and one particular nat so I call all of my host-only networks by the name of their vmware device. Discover that it says Configuring a host-only network for vmnet2 this really is the linux gadget that vmware creates for this virtual network.
Vmware-config will then inquire to probe for an unused subnet you let it do this or supply your individual unused subnet i do this for the following host-only network I produce vmnet3.

Diagram four
Now these subnets are not subnets which can be necessary on a virtual interface within your virutal machine. You enable dhcp on the interface within your vm and vmware will provide you with an ip inside the subnet that is certainly configured for that host-only network. It is possible to configure your virtual interface inside of your virtual machine for any subnet you desire it does not necessarily have to be the subnet you assigned for that host-only network.
So in my example I have two virtual machines I bind the very first virtual interface of fedora1 to vmnet1 and bind the very first virtual interface of fedora2 to vmnet1. This will essentialy put the two of these ethernet interfaces around the same network. This assumes you ahve currently additional a virtual interface to your virtual machine within the occasion you may have not done this refer for the following documentation Add ethernet interface to vm
Diagram 5

So I assign eth0 of fedora1 an ip of and eth0 of fedora2 an ip of And I can ping
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